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Extracurricular essay sample

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Skip to main extracurriculat Skip to footer Skip to site map. In a short space, the essay reveals the maturity of the writer—she is reflective, articulate, and balanced. Tis' the season to get a scholarship! The prose is tight, clear, and stylistic without being over-written. Extra Extracurricular essay sample Activities. Late-night editing, researching and re-writing is customary, but seeing my articles in print makes it all worthwhile.

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Below are examples from a mediocre extracurricular essay and a better extracurricular essay, followed by notes on what makes them different, and a quick test to see if your extracurricular essay is mediocre.

It extracurricular essay sample also taught me about never giving up and about working the hardest in whatever I do. Being on the tennis team taught me many important lessons such as teamwork, leadership and working hard in whatever I questions to get to know a guy. We could have guessed that those are the things you learned from tennis.

Because those are things everyone learns from tennis. A better extracurricular essay has a story that sounds something like this:.

I looked down on the court and saw blood. Lots of it. My opponent tossed the ball up in the air to serve. A better extracurricular essay has a "so what" or insight that sounds something like this:. I was being stupid. Because the insight is unexpected.

When I read the opening I thought the narrator was just being hardcore… but then I realized what the narrator realized: it wasn't hardcore, it was silly. And I sense that the writer really truly learned that lesson that day. Look at your essay, identify the values you gained and highlight them in bold. Ask yourself: are these values predictable? Example of predictable value gained from hospital internship: helping others.

Example of unpredictable value gained from hospital internship: democracy. Example of predictable values for violin: discipline, commitment, hard work. Example of unpredictable values for violin: privacy, risk, personal integrity. Bonus tip: make sure all your values are clearly different. So how do you turn your predictable values into unpredictable ones?

Cut the predictable values, then use your beautiful, infinite imagination to come up with new, unpredictable values. Dig deep. Think about specific moments of difficulty. If it feels tangential at first, keep digging; you might strike gold.

And because here is a list of values to help you out. Remember: pick values for which the connection is not immediately obvious. Online Courses. Graduate School. In-Person Workshops. School Partnerships. Free Resources. Personal Statement. University of California. Supplemental Essays. College Admissions. For Counselors. The Webinar Club. For Parents. Matchlighters Scholarship. Essay Workshop In A Box. Email Me. If it feels tangential at first, keep digging; you might strike gold Why will extracurricular essay sample only take you 30 minutes?

Because you are smart and original and totally competent.

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Search the Blog Search. If you participated in an extracurricular that relates to a personal aspect of your life, describing how your participation helped shape who you are on a personal level can also give adcoms a unique perspective on your personality. What doesn't necessarily count as an extracurricular? Want to learn more about community service? Because the insight is unexpected.

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Dec 9, - A: When students ask me this my usual response is: “Really? You'd rather not talk about that thing you've devoted hundreds of hours of your life to? Okay, good idea.” (I'm not actually that sarcastic, but that's what I'm thinking.) Q: Which extracurricular activity should I write about? It asks applicants to "briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences." Below is a sample essay in which a student describes her passion for singing and how it has helped her in her everyday life: The alarm clock sounds. Jan 3, - Examples and analyses of extracurricular essays demonstrate that proving why your essay matters is the key to leaving an impression on.
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Discover suggestions of different types of extracurricular activities that colleges For example, if you enjoy art, volunteer at a local children's center to help kids. Apr 18, - Great Extracurricular Activity Examples. Example 1: Elizabeth the Ballerina. Example 2: Scott the Volunteer Leader. Example 3: Jessica the Scientist. Example 4: James the Soccer Player. Extra Curricular Activities How important are extra curricular activities? Educational philosophy states the importance of teaching students to be life long learners.